How to Increase Penis Size?

There are self-treatment methods (also known as NPE - Natural Penis Enlargement), as well as surgical methods (in short SPE Ė Surgical Penis Enlargement) to increase your penis size. Usually NPE is cheaper but takes more time, which by no means makes it less effective or successful than SPE.

Self-treatment methods

Penis Enlargement Pills and other herbal supplements and creams Ė Using them is the easiest and most effective way to successfully enlarge your penis. Easy because it requires zero efforts from your side Ė just take your pill and you are done without tedious exercises or bizarre techniques to enlarge your penis size. Effective because penis enlargement pills do work and are safe.

Unfortunately, this canít be applied for all penis enlargement products available online. So beware and pay very good attention to the contents of the penis pills or cream. If you need, you can consult your doctor prior taking any herbal supplements on your own. Itís not harmful if you are cautious, but it could get harmful if you are not cautious enough.

Beware of deceitful sales pitches and remember - you should not give in to them in any way!

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Penis Pumps (Vacuum Pumps) Ė They are not very effective and definitely not safe. Actually the penis pump is a cylinder that is fitted over the penis, with a manual or motorized pump that is intended to create vacuum around the penis. As this vacuum is created, the blood is drawn into the penis, causing it to become engorged. The higher the vacuum, the higher the blood-pressure becomes within the penis.

The pump itself doesnít look anything special and is not very expensive, although if you want a quality one, then you should pay a lot more money.

In fact if you ever decide to use such device, you better be extra careful in order to avoid any harmful injuries such as:

- Over pumping can cause vascular damage, burst blood vessels and form blisters.
- In some cases the testicles can be unexpectedly pulled into the cylinder causing severe pain and injury.
- It is also believed that the rim of the cylinder can cut into the skin and over time cause damage to the ligaments surrounding the penis.
- Impatiently pumping without reading instructions manual can produce too much suction (anything over 10 mm Hg) and cause permanent injury.

Jelqing and clamping techniques - Jelqing is another penis enlargement exercise technique based on increasing the blood pressure in the penis with the goal to permanently increase the penis size in erect state. The technique involves wrapping the thumb and index finger around your penis while semi-erect and repeatedly drawing them away from your body to force blood into the glans, thus encouraging more vascularity in the corpus cavernosa and associated tissues. Itís not clear whether jelqing really works or not, you can try it if you want, but be careful for the risks of:

- Bursting blood vessels
- Sometimes bleeding from the urethra
- Temporary erectile dysfunction

Clamping is a penis enlargement technique that uses a constricting device. The clamp is firmly tied or clamped on the base of the erect penis while masturbating with a firmly erect penis.

Stretching and hanging techniques - Stretching consists of attaching a penis stretcher or "extender" device to the penis for certain periods of time. The device exerts a constant traction on the penis, which lengthens and widens the penis, at least in theory. Itís not really hard proven that this technique really works, but thatís valid for all self-treatment methods for penis enlargement that include penis exercises of some kind.

Hanging (weight hanging) is the oldest self-treatment method known. It consists of attaching a device (rope or strap) that grips the glans or just behind the glans and allows a weight to be suspended for specific amount of time. This method aims at stretching the tunica albuginea and other various tissues of the penis. As a result the penis elongates and often widens, as well. Weight hanging also carries some serious risks, such as chronic pain, impotence and scarring.

Cosmetic Ė Itís unbelievable but if you trim or shave the pubic hair around your penis, its size will appear a little bigger, as hairs usually hide about half an inch or even more. This wonít increase the actual size of your penis, but at least it will look bigger.

Surgical methods

Injection method involves injection of silicone, collagen, mineral oil or KY Jelly into the penis and scrotum. This method can cause enormous increase in penis size, but itís not very safe, as it may cause:

- Loss of sensation
- Inability to perform penetrative intercourse
- Scarring and deformation
- Bump on the stem of the penis itself.

Inflatable implants Ė Itís great method that is used to replace the two corpora cavernosa with ' inflatable penile implants'. The implanted pump in the groin or scrotum can be manipulated by hand to fill these cylinders from an implanted reservoir in order to achieve an erection.

There are 3 major advantages to this surgery - an erection can be created whenever desired, for as long as is desired and as firm as desired; and one major disadvantage Ė can not be reversed.

Which penis enlargement method to choose? Itís up to you. However, surgical penis enlargement methods are not very widely recommended because they are too expensive and risky for your health.